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Looking for the best attorney to represent you in a legal matter can be a difficult process. There are likely hundreds of attorneys in your area and many with experience related to your case. With so many options, how can you find the best legal representation?

We recommend you ask this one question when talking to potential attorneys: “Will you represent me?”

Will you represent me?

While it might seem like an obvious question to ask, it’s actually a very important inquiry.

What many people don’t realize is that when you choose a law firm, the principal attorney or partner lawyer may initially meet with you — but you may never see them again.

Many large law firms have a few attorneys who are the face of the practice. They are in the ads and on the website. They are who prospective clients meet with in the beginning. But many times, these high-profile partners don’t continue working directly with clients once they sign on with the law firm.

Clients of large law firms are often passed over to a team of associate attorneys or paralegals once work on their case begins.

Rather than meeting and communicating with the primary attorney, clients work with a secondary team throughout most of, if not all of, their case. For this reason, we recommend that you ask any potential legal representation about their process for working with clients.

  • Will they pass you over to an associate?
  • Will they communicate directly with you?
  • Will they be working on your pleadings and arguments?
  • Will they be in court with you?

If they aren’t responsible for these actions and activities, who is?

To find the best legal representation, you need to know exactly who you are working with. You may be putting extremely important matters into the hands of your legal team. You deserve to know who they are.

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TJ Grimaldi will represent you.

At TJ Grimaldi, Attorney at Law, we understand the importance of knowing and trusting your legal team. That’s why every one of our clients works directly with our principal attorney, TJ Grimaldi.

Our clients don’t meet with TJ once and then get passed over to another team of attorneys they don’t know or didn’t choose. TJ Grimaldi works with clients from the initial consultation through the conclusion of their case.

When clients approach our law firm, they get started by talking directly to TJ during a free consultation. Consultations with TJ can take place over the phone, although TJ prefers to meet with clients in-person so he can start building the relationship and trust needed to produce the best outcome for cases.

From there, TJ continues to be the primary contact point for his clients during their case. Knowing that legal cases can be stressful and taxing, TJ makes it a priority to not only provide the best representation for his clients but to also help them through the personal stresses associated with their proceedings.

TJ Grimaldi believes that accessibility and personal attention should be given to every client, no matter how large or how seemingly small a case may seem. Each client gets the one-on-one support they need — and deserve.

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Find the best legal representation.

If you are seeking the best legal representation for your case, ask the most important question of all during your initial contact with attorneys. Will you represent me?

Choose an attorney who gives the right answer. Work with a lawyer who will make you a priority, not a case that is passed over to someone else in their firm.

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Meet TJ Grimaldi during a free consultation.

At TJ Grimaldi, we are proud to give our clients the one-on-one attention they need and deserve. We want all of our clients to feel like they are a priority — because they are.

We welcome you to meet with TJ Grimaldi during a free consultation to see if he is the best attorney to represent you from start to finish in your case.

Request your consultation or call 813-226-1023 today.

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