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In the wake of an auto accident, you’re just trying to take care of yourself. You need to treat your injuries and cover your medical costs while getting your car fixed and returning to work. 

There are a lot of moving pieces, and it is easy to get overwhelmed. If you were recently in a car accident, start by getting someone to fight for you. Call TJ Grimaldi, Attorney at Law, to take on your case. 

Why You Need an Attorney After An Auto Accident 

In the days after an auto accident, you likely come into contact with several different people: doctors, pharmacists, mechanics, and insurance companies, just to name a few. These people all charge for their services or need information from you if they are going to cover the costs. Your bills can quickly add up, and it can get overwhelming to manage them all. 

This finance management can get even more frustrating if the insurance companies refuse to cover the costs of the accident, or cover less than you need. This is why you need an auto accident attorney on your side. 

When you hire TJ Grimaldi, you can focus on your recovery. He will review your insurance claims and make sure you get the amount you need to cover your expenses. He can give you peace of mind so you can put all of your energy into healing and recovering. 

Get Full Compensation After an Auto Accident

Another reason to hire an attorney after your auto accident is to make sure all of your expenses are covered. Most people think insurance is only supposed to cover basic medical costs and auto repair, but it can help with other expenses, including:

  • Long-term physical therapy to help with recovery
  • Psychiatry and therapy as a result of PTSD
  • Lost wages because of the accident
  • Major life changes (like a canceled wedding or vacation) because of the accident
  • Long-term pain and suffering

TJ always listens to his clients and makes sure all aspects of the case are covered. He then fights tirelessly to make sure you get the compensation you need. 

Your Tampa Auto Accident Attorney 

An auto accident is a branch of personal injury law, which deals with negligence on behalf of an individual or party. TJ Grimaldi works with cases of all sizes within personal injury law. Even if your car accident is minor, you want TJ on your side. 

Request a free consultation today to learn more about your options and get the ally you need.

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