Attorney for a High-Profile Case

High-profile cases come with a unique set of circumstances and challenges. When a case is widely discussed in the media, it isn’t an ordinary legal matter. You not only have to win over a judge and jury — you have to win over the public.

When your case is being dissected in the news and on social media, you need an attorney who understands how to navigate this complicated landscape.

What To Look for in an Attorney for a High-Profile Case 

Legal matters are stressful. They are even more stressful when your story is being discussed by the entire neighborhood, city, or even country. 

High-profile cases come with the initial pains and stress of the inciting incident, and then the continued weight of dealing with the public aftermath of the issue — which can last for months or years. You want to make sure you have an attorney you like and trust if you’re dealing with a long, stressful, high-profile case.

To find a high-profile attorney who can help you through your public case, look for the following qualities. 


Parties involved with high-profile cases are often drawn to well-known, large legal practices and attorneys. They may believe that if they have a case everyone knows, then they should have a lawyer that everyone knows. But, that can be a problem.

Working with a large legal firm often means working with a lot of different people. You may think you are signing up to work with the partner — the person with their name on the firm. But often, you end up working with other attorneys and paralegals. You don’t have access to the primary attorney you thought would be representing you. 

When you have a high-profile case, you need access to your attorney. Look for a firm that can promise that the primary attorney will actually be your attorney — available to serve your needs directly.

TJ Grimaldi is a principal attorney who prides himself on his accessibility. He leads every case that comes through his practice. TJ even handles every client consultation so he can know his clients and their unique set of circumstances from the start. 

Personal Attention 

When it comes to a high-profile case, you need more than professional accessibility from your attorney. You also need an attorney who can provide personal attention and support outside of legal matters. 

When you’re involved in a high-profile case, it might make doing normal activities much more difficult. Going out in public to run errands might not be as easy as it was before your case went public. In those situations, you need an attorney who can provide personal assistance as well as legal advice.

At TJ Grimaldi, we make sure our clients are supported legally and personally. If we can help with arrangements or personal needs, our team is always happy to step in and release some of the burdens our clients are carrying. 

Ability to Handle the Media 

The media is one of the primary challenges of dealing with a high-profile case. They are often relentless in their quest for information and interviews. The constant requests put extra pressure and stress on parties involved with the case, and a media misstep can have a variety of negative consequences. 

The media can spin stories, take comments out of context, and jump to conclusions. A high-profile case needs an attorney who knows how to manage the media to prevent mixed messaging and to clearly communicate your side of the story.

TJ Grimaldi has proven that he knows how to handle the media when dealing with high-profile cases. When a “stand your ground” case involving a retired police captain who shot and killed a man outside of a movie theatre in Dade County, Florida gained national attention, TJ was able to manage the media for his client, the widow of the victim.

TJ provided interviews and information that kept the widow’s story front-and-center. He argued her points in the case to seek justice for his client, while helping her and her family avoid the stress of dealing with media inquiries on their own. 

Watch TJ in action on CNN discussing the case with Chris Cuomo.

The Right Intentions 

The media attention that accompanies a high-profile case can be attractive to many attorneys. Attorneys who want to get their name out and build up their firm will often be attracted to cases that may get them in and on the news. Those are not the best type of attorneys for high-profile cases. 

Attorneys with large egos who want to take on a case for the publicity are not the type of representation you want or need. Instead, look for an attorney who has the right intentions and wants to take on your case because they believe in the merit of your story and want to seek justice. 

For TJ Grimaldi, no client is too small, and no case is too big. He is focused on getting the best outcomes for his clients, not accumulating fame. That focus allows him to think critically about what will lead to the best results for his clients. 

Work With an Experienced High-Profile Attorney

High-profile cases are unlike any other type of legal matter. They come with their own unique set of challenges, and they require the work of an attorney who knows how to successfully navigate those unusual circumstances.

TJ Grimaldi is experienced with high-profile cases and knows what it takes to manage the situation to produce positive outcomes for his clients. To see if TJ might be the right attorney for your case, schedule a free consultation and talk directly to TJ to review your case. Schedule your free consultation or call 813-226-1023

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