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Curtis Reeves’ Movie Theatre Shooting Case Hearing Set for February 20th 2017

Prosecution and Stand Your Ground Defense hearing to take place

TAMPA, FL. (February 14, 2017) – A hearing is set for the case of Curtis Reeves next week at the Dade City Courthouse, more than three years after Chad Oulson was shot and killed in a Pasco movie theatre by Reeves.

Nicole Oulson, who was shot in her wedding finger by Reeves when trying to protect her late husband, will be attending the hearing alongside her attorney, TJ Grimaldi of McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliott Grimaldi & Guito.

Oulson’s family has been waiting three years since Reeves pulled the trigger for the hearing to take place.

Stand your ground, a highly controversial area of self-defense law, is being used by Reeves’ defense team. If the judge accepts this, Reeves will be immune from being charged and the State will not be able to prosecute him.

“It’s the only road he can take,” says Grimaldi. “Reeves will have to convince the judge that he was justified in murdering Oulson, when Oulson threw popcorn in his face when confronted about using his cell phone in the movie theater, prior to the movie even starting.”

“He will have to justify his actions which ultimately left a man murdered, a widow and soon-to-be five year-old daughter alone without a husband and father,” says Grimaldi.

Chad Oulson was unarmed and 43 years of age at the time. Reeves was 71. A former police captain, Reeves has been under house arrest since 2014.

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