know the top things not to do during a divorce

A divorce is a delicate time where everything you do (or don’t do) can be scrutinized and used against you. While this may sound intimidating, you won’t have to worry if you know the things not to do during a divorce case.

Knowing how to handle yourself and your relationships, finances, and legal strategy during a divorce can make the process run more smoothly, cost less, and end more quickly.

What Not To Do During a Divorce Case

Whether you are the one who filed for divorce or you have had divorce papers served on you, here are the nine things not to do during a divorce case.

#1) Don’t let your emotions drive you.

It’s no secret that a divorce can be stressful. You are getting ready to go through a life-changing event. Take time to process the situation so you can work to take your emotions out of it. Bringing emotions into your case will make it more difficult and can cloud your judgment when it comes to negotiations.

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#2) Don’t make significant financial moves.

One of the most important things not to do during a divorce case is make major money moves. During your divorce, your finances — both your assets and liabilities — will be looked at closely and used to determine the terms of your divorce. Any major changes can cause delays and complications in the process.

  • Don’t drain bank accounts
  • Don’t make large purchases.
  • Don’t sell any assets.
  • Don’t take on any new debt.
  • Don’t try to hide money in separate accounts.

#3) Don’t harass your spouse. 

It should go without saying that you should never harass your spouse. As mentioned above, divorces can cause emotions to run high, but you never want your emotions to cause you to confront your spouse, whether by showing up in person or by calling or messaging them. Any unruly behavior can be used by your spouse to cast you in a negative light and make a strong claim for their side of the case.

#4) Don’t pull your kids into it.

Kids are innocent bystanders in a divorce. Do everything you can to keep them out of it and away from the associated stress. Don’t use them as pawns or as tools to punish your spouse. Don’t talk badly about your spouse in front of your kids, and never withhold visitation rights. Also, keep any new partners away from your kids. (In fact, you might want to avoid finding a new partner until your divorce is over.)

#5) Don’t share divorce details on the internet.

Just as you want to keep kids out of your divorce, you also want to keep your friends and family and the public out of it. An important thing not to do during a divorce is post about your situation or spouse on the internet or social media. Keep in mind that everything you post publicly can be used by your spouse to support their case against you.

#6) Don’t get another baby involved.

A new baby — whether conceived within the existing partnership or with another partner outside of the marriage — can seriously complicate a divorce case. Don’t get pregnant or get another person pregnant while in the middle of a divorce. Judges may look down on a pregnancy outside of the marriage, and a new baby between partners can lead to a longer process and more complicated mediation.

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#7) Don’t take divorce advice from family and friends.

When you go through a divorce, it’s likely that other people in your life who have been divorced will want to offer pieces of advice. Take everything they say with a grain of salt. Every divorce is unique and not everyone is an expert. The best person to rely on for advice is your divorce attorney.

#8) Don’t hide anything from your attorney.

Your divorce attorney is on your side, and they will do whatever they can to fight for your best interest. But, they can’t do that if they don’t have all of the information. From your first meeting with a divorce attorney, you should be completely open and honest. Trying to hide anything from them can only come back to hurt your case.

#9) Don’t talk to your spouse’s attorney.

Your spouse’s attorney is not on your side, and they will do whatever they can to fight for your spouse’s best interest. If they approach you and want to discuss your divorce case, don’t do it. Always leave the communication to your attorney and let your representation handle any negotiations with the other side.

Let an Experienced Attorney Guide You Through Your Divorce

Without the right advice, it can be easy to make mistakes as you go through a divorce. With these tips, you know the top things not to do during a divorce. Now, find out what you should do during a divorce.

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