The beginning of their relationship was captured on reality television. Now, the potential ending of their relationship is playing out in the tabloids. What is the status of Real Housewive star Kim Zolciak and former NFL player Kroy Bierman?

Are they getting a divorce or not?

Falling in Love on Television

Kim Zolciak was a fan favorite on the Bravo reality television show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In May 2010, the show was documenting her life in Atlanta when an episode captured the moment she met Kroy Bierman, a tight end for the Atlanta Falcons.

While at a celebrity dance competition, Zolciak and Bierman met and set up their first date. One year later, the two would welcome their first child and begin to plan their wedding which would be documented on their new reality TV show, Don’t Be Tardy.

Don’t Be Tardy would air on Bravo for eight seasons following the couple’s relationship as the pair welcomed three more children and Bierman legally adopted Zolciak’s two daughters from previous relationships.

The story played out in the public eye and seemed to have a happy ending until earlier this year.

Facing Financial Woes

In May 2021, Bravo announced that the reality show, Don’t Be Tardy, would end after its eighth season. Two years later, the couple’s financial challenges would take center stage.

In February 2023, it was made public that the couple defaulted on a $1.65 million loan they took out on their Alpharetta property in Atlanta. According to a notice shared by Fulton County, the bank planned to auction off the property on March 7. Publicly, Zolciak brushed off the news, and the house was not auctioned off, but it was a sign of struggles to come.

In May 2023, the pair filed for divorce. Bierman filed on May 5, and Zolciak submitted a filing on May 8. In the next few weeks, more details about the couple’s relationship and finances would make the news.

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Child Custody Challenges

In court documents, Zolciak requested primary physical custody and joint legal custody of the pair’s four children, as well as spousal support.

Physical custody refers to where a child lives. If given primary physical custody, the children would live with and spend a majority of their time with Zolciak. Legal custody refers to who has the right to make legal decisions for a child. If given joint legal custody, both Zolciak and Bierman would have the right to make decisions about how the children would be raised and cared for.

Shortly after the initial filings, the couple began filing documents that appeared to set up a fight for custody.

Court documents show that Zolciak filed a certificate of completion for a Navigating Family Change Seminar. Bierman filed a motion for a psychological evaluation on Zolciak, indicating that she was not paying adequate attention to the children and had a gambling problem. Zolciak also filed a petition to have the Superior Court of Fulton County determine Bierman’s current drug usage, according to

Amidst the filings, new financial challenges for the couple were revealed.

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Exposing More Financial Challenges

In recent months, more of the couple’s financial challenges have been exposed.

Facing both financial challenges and a potentially messy fight over child custody, the couple did something unexpected. They called off the divorce.

Dismissing the Divorce

At the beginning of July, Zolciak and Bierman decided against moving forward with their divorce.

Zolciak filed a dismissal without prejudice of answer and counterclaim in the Superior Court of Fulton County in Georgia, according to Bierman has not filed his claim, but his lawyers confirmed that both parties were dismissing their fillings.

The decision to stay together will prevent the couple from moving forward with a legal fight over custody of their four minor children, but it will not relieve them of the financial matters facing them. As a married couple, they will face the financial situation as a legal pair.

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