Curtis Reeves Movie Theater Shooting

If you’ve been following the Curtis Reeves’ Stand Your Ground movie theatre slaying story, there has been an update in the case. Mr. Reeves’ attorney, Richard Escobar, has filed a writ for prohibition, requesting that Mr. Reeves is not prosecuted for murder charges.

Earlier this year, Judge Susan Barthle ruled that Mr. Reeves was not acting in self-defense when he shot and killed Chad Oulson in a movie theatre. Stand Your Ground was denied.

“This is yet another attempt by Reeves and the defense to delay the case, even after the judge heard and too, the evidence under advisement and still denied stand your ground,” says TJ Grimaldi, attorney of Nicole Oulson.

Nicole, Chad’s widow, was standing next to him when he was shot and murdered. Now, three years later, she is still waiting for justice for her and her young daughter.

“While the Oulson family continues to be without their loving father and husband, the defense continues to come up with ways to delay the case. If the defense is so certain of Mr. Reeves’ innocence they should just face the music and let a jury decide if they are right,” says Mr. Grimaldi.

If you have any questions about the details of Curtis Reeves’ case, Mr. Grimaldi is available to speak with you directly should you be providing any additional coverage of the story. He can be contacted at, or 813.226.1023.

Mr. Grimaldi has been featured in multiple national publications including Inside Edition; Crime Stories with Nancy Grace; Good Morning America; Nightline; The View; The New York Times; The Tampa Bay Times; and

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