Media During a High-Profile Case

A high-profile legal matter comes with a lot of attention and stress. Reporters are eager to get information, and the public is invested in following every detail from start to finish (and sometimes even beyond the verdict.)

TJ Grimaldi has seen this first-hand. He has led high-profile cases that gained national media attention. His representation in the well-known “stand your ground” case, which involved a retired police captain who shot and killed a man outside of a movie theater in Dade County, has put TJ and his clients in front of a national audience. TJ knows what the experience can be like and how to properly navigate the challenges that come with it.  

If you are involved in a high-profile case, you need to have a strategy for managing the attention. Whether you are one of the parties involved, a loved one, or a witness, you may be impacted by the mass attention drawn to the case. 

To get through the situation with the least amount of stress and impact on the case, follow these tips for dealing with the media during a high-profile case. 

Anticipate Aggressive Media Inquiries  

Most people know that a high-profile case is going to result in media attention. But, many don’t realize the lengths that the media will go to to get information for the story. To manage the situation, it helps for involved parties to set their expectations and plan for what is to come.

Parties need to know that in addition to calling, the media may show up at their homes or other locations where they are known to spend time (like their workplace or gym). The media may reach out to primary parties involved in the case, and they may also reach out to parties that are less involved. 

It’s important to prepare everyone close to the case and help them anticipate these aggressive media inquiries so they know what to do when the media approaches them. 

Always Let Attorneys Handle It 

When dealing with the media during a high-profile case, it’s imperative that involved parties always let attorneys handle it. 

Involved parties should not give statements or respond to media inquiries even if the questions seem insignificant or inconsequential. 

A comment to the media can be easily taken out-of-context or spun into an inaccurate narrative. Comments can be turned into a misleading story that does public damage or impacts the case. Parties involved should always avoid giving any information to the media. Instead, they should direct all inquiries to their attorney. The attorney should act as a buffer to filter any information and protect the client and continuity of the case.  

Get In Front of the Story 

Avoiding and ignoring inquires is not a good strategy when dealing with the media during a high-profile case. Dodging reporters and not returning phone calls doesn’t mean the media will stop trying to get details or quotes.

You need to have a plan to get in front of the story and give the media what they want. Work with an attorney who has a proactive strategy for dealing with the media. This strategy may include:

  • Developing a strong, consistent voice and narrative 
  • Issuing regular press releases
  • Hosting press conferences at pivotal points in the case
  • Attorneys sitting for interviews on air
  • Involved parties sitting for interviews with an attorney at their side

TJ Grimaldi developed a successful strategy during the “stand your ground” case that consistently shared his client’s story while appeasing the media.  

Use the Media for Your Benefit 

Not all media attention is bad when you are involved in a high-profile case. When you get in front of the story, you can sometimes use the attention to your benefit. 

You can control the narrative and ensure that your side of the story is heard loud and clear. You can gain public support that can be very powerful both during and after the case. Don’t dismiss media attention during a high-profile case. Instead, manage it to work for your interest.  

Find an Experienced Attorney To Handle Media During a High-Profile Case 

Being in the middle of a legal case can be difficult on its own. When you add in the element of local or national media attention, it’s even more stressful. Media attention for a high-profile case might be difficult to avoid, but there are ways to mitigate the stressful situation. Working with an attorney who has experience with high-profile cases is one of them.

If you find yourself in the middle of a media storm, look for an attorney who has been there before. 

Partner with someone who knows what to expect and how to respond so you can focus on your case — not the public attention.

See how TJ Grimaldi can help you through your legal matter. Whether it is a public or private matter, TJ can help you navigate all the complexities of your case. All consultations are 100% free so see how he can help with no obligation. Schedule your free consultation or call 813-226-1023.

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